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Blog / Nov 30, 2021
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Anti aging, Longevity

How Can We Delay Aging?

Our body works according to a blueprint provided by nature; nevertheless the number of years we live on this planet depends largely on our daily attitude towards our body’s maintenance.

We do not want to age and watch new wrinkles showing up on our body and face with resentment. Not many of us fully realize that the image in the mirror is a reflection of our lifestyle.

No matter how much we try to cover up our aging with expensive creams and other modern cosmetics, the real condition of our body still becomes apparent.

Wrinkles, skin spots, the brightness of our eyes and the shine of our hair, the condition of our nails, and the way we walk or even write reflect the condition of our internal organs.

For example, people with an ulcerated stomach or duodenum hunch their back, look pale on their face, and have brown shading under the eyes - typical symptoms of anemia. Another sign of ulceration process in the digestive tract is a white-looking tip of the nose. A deep vertical wrinkle between eyebrows can be connected with frequent strong headaches and the body’s demand for more fresh air.

Everything that is happening inside our body manifests itself clearly on the outside. 

People who live long in different parts of the world explain their longevity by good physical condition and deep, cleansing breathing. 

It has been proven that we can extend our age by 10-20 years by a healthy diet; however, correct breathing can help extend it by 30-40 years.

Correct breathing is the assurance of good health and longevity. I reveal secrets of different breathing methods in the chapter Breath of Life.  Read more on page 144

Before you experiment with extreme makeover try the elixir of youth.

Anti aging Tip:

 A recipe for the elixir of youth, a type of garlic extract, was found in1971 by a UNESCO team in a Tibetan monastery and was dated about 4-5 centuries B.C. The extract cleans accumulated fat out of the body, rinses out insoluble calcium, radically improves metabolism, cleanses blood vessels, prevents heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, and paralysis, removes the sensation of buzzing from the head, improves sight, and regenerates the entire body. Preparation of the elixir of youth page 91-92

More information about The mechanism of aging & The art of staying young can be found on pages 140-143

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Did you know?

 Scientists Bet 500 million dollars On 150-Year Lifespan S. Jay Olshansky, renowned biodemographer and professor of biostatistics in the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, bet Steven Austad, University of Idaho, $500 million dollars on the subject. If, by Jan. 1, 2150, it can be documented that someone has reached the age of 150 or more, about $500 million will go to the heirs of Austad. If it cannot be documented that someone has lived 150 years by that date, the money will go to Olshansky's heirs.

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