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Reviews of "Can We Live 150 Years?" by M. Tombak

Just Common Sense, August 2, 2005
Reviewer: A. Steele (Dallas) 
There are some books that sell themselves without any help from marketers. I think "Can We Live 150 Year?" is one of them. I learned about the book by the "word of mouth" - a friend of mine got it from her physiotherapist, and she suggested me to get one as well...

There author, former head of Center for Health Sciences in Moscow, shares his knowledge with the obvious intent to help others. Worth noticing is the fact that his remedies are either home-made or easily obtainable anywhere. From that point of view, the book is absolutely noncommercial.

The book is made up of seven parts. I found all the parts equally interesting and informative, apart form Part Five which is dealing with questions sent to the author by the readers of his other books. However, since this chapter deals with specific problems of the readers, some may find it more useful then all other chapters... You can use the Amazon "Search Inside" feature to see the book Contents and to read a few sample pages.

The book is as simple and down-to-earth as it can possibly be. You will not find here any exaggerated claims of the type "lose 30 pound is 30 days", but you will find a lot of honest advice on leading healthy life style. Some might find the title (living 150 years) rather "ridiculous". However, you will not find that the author tries to make you believe to live 150 years. What he is pointing out is the potential life span of a human being on the assumption of providing him with the ideal living conditions.

The author realizes that the contents of his book, concerning practically all aspects of human body, cannot be free of controversy. It is understandable that experts can point out flaws of arguments and insufficient accuracy of details. But he also says: "I wrote the book with the WIDE GENERAL PUBLIC IN MIND." He further says: "If, as a result of my advice, some people start feeling better, some get cured, and some realize the necessity of health maintenance, the objective of this book will be fulfilled."

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review, July 2003

Capably translated into English by Jan Madejski, Can We Live 150 Years?: Your Body Maintenance Handbook by Mikhail Tombak (Center for Health Sciences, Moscow) is a straightforward, "reader friendly" guide to adopting healthy practices in order to extend one's life span. From delaying the aging process; to illness prevention tips; to proper breathing, diet, and exercise; to keep in optimum condition; to keeping toxins out of one's intestines, kidneys, liver, and blood, Can We Live 150 Years? is an enthusiastically recommended supplement to Health & Medicine reference collections as well as Self-Improvement reading list.

Reviewer: : Roman Szefler June 25 2003

Since conventional medicine could not cure my daughter's eczema, I turned to natural (alternative) medicine. I have read many good books on the health subject in the past, but " Can We Live 150 years?" beats them all! The essential message that the book conveys is that we are the ones who should be taking control of our own health. This message is supported by simple, do-it-at-home, inexpensive, and natural formulas and techniques used from generation to generation. The book is a guide to proper eating, breathing, maintaining healthy spine, liver, kidneys, and more... As the author rightly points out, we clean our houses, we keep our cars lubricated and clean, but many times we forget about proper care of our "internal houses". It can be argued that nature enabled our bodies to maintain themselves, but a question arises : Did nature create artificial, genetically modified foods and chemicals?

Reviewer:Jan Koncewicz, Vancouver, BC Canada July 15, 2003

There must be something about Dr. Atkins' diet since it is so popular. However, I think that we in North America, while chasing the perfect body, forgot about what really matters – the perfect health. I am a creature that trusts everybody, but without a dose of skepticism. Therefore I always make a point of trying new approaches on my own before expressing any opinion. I went trough Dr. Atkins' two weeks Induction Diet and I quickly realized that this certainly is NOT the kind of nourishment that nature designed for me. How can you eat stake for breakfast, lunch and dinner and keep smiling? Gary Null’s juicing made more sense to me….

However, the MOST sense, to me makes Dr. Tombak in his book “Can We Live 150 Years?” His approach is absolutely non-commercial. Using simple language he talks abut all aspect of health and longevity. The interesting thing is that once I started following his guidelines I lost 8 pounds this month without ever focusing on losing weight. Enjoy your food, eat most of the foods you like, just chew them well, follow some simple food combination guidelines, and DON’T LET YOUR STOMACH DIRECT YOUR ACTIONS! As Dr. Tombak advises: “Eat to live instead of living to eat!” But of course that is not all. It turns out that diet is only one of a few causes of obesity for many people. How about your spine? Maybe your soft mattress causes some of your problems? How about internal cleaning of your body? – This is where I started. It is probably the best way to start any changes in your dietary habits. I have no cravings for coffee, alcohol or any of the junk foods, that I used to have even while following Garry Null’s approach. Mr. Tombak provides a wide array of body cleansing methods. It is hard not to sucseed! And these are words of a trustful skeptic..

A bible for living a long, heathy life, April 27, 2003
Reviewer: Rich McCoy, San Francisco, CA, USA

Over the years I have collected a hodge-podge compendium of diverse but useful information for regaining or maintaining my health. When disease would appear, I researched scores of books on the subject, evaluated many different approaches, and then experimented until I found something that worked. As my body has changed, some solutions that worked before no longer worked. The task of maintaining the body has become much more complex.

For some time I have been wishing for a comprehensive resource that had all the successful approaches that I have tried over the years. I also desired a resource that afforded new ideas which would benefit my family and me as we get older. A few months ago I noticed that I had bags under my eyes like the actor Humphrey Bogart had in his latter years. About the same time I started to accept baggy eyes as a natural consequence of aging, I began reading Mikhail Tombak's book. On page 144 I read that poor kidney or bladder function causes bags under the eyes. Wow! I thought I can clear up a kidney/bladder problem and get rid of these bags at the same time. The remedy worked, and I began using the cleansing program which has noticeably enhanced my energy level.

I verified from my own past experience that many of the secrets in this book are valid such as the great importance of water as a healer, yes, plain unadulterated water, breathing, detoxifying, exercise, etc. This book speaks not only of diet and nutrition but many more secrets amassed from extensive research. I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to avail themselves to "Your Body Maintenance Handbook." Let this book prove itself as a way to a longer, healthier life.

A wide variety of resources for health maintenance, May 8, 2003
Reviewer: Jan Madejski, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I used to pay little attention to health matters because I thought they were beyond my control. Slight chubbiness, lower energy, or bags under my eyes did not worry me much. I regarded them as natural signs of aging and was not going to spend any effort fighting the inevitable. Of course I realized that some people enjoyed relatively good health even in their nineties while others suffered a quick deterioration in their fifties and sixties, but I thought it was mainly the matter of genetic predisposition and not lifestyle or diet.

As I worked on the translation of this book, I had to pay close attention to the concepts and guidelines described there. Without even realizing it, I started following some of the guidelines and incorporating them into my habits and daily routines. After about a month, I noticed that my clothes were getting looser. Out of curiosity, I followed a few other recommendations from the book. This brought a few more pleasant surprises. During the following weeks friends and co-workers made comments about my slimmer and younger appearance. Even airport staff had trouble recognizing me on my old passport photo. When I went to buy a new pair of jeans, my waist turned out to be three sizes down.

What I like about the book is the fact that it teaches how to properly use food for nutrition and healing. It also contains plenty of other guidelines for a healthier lifestyle, allowing the readers to create their individual health maintenance programs not by following a set of rigid rules but by gradually modifying their habits. I reduced my weight by about thirty pounds, and became more energetic and younger-looking by applying only a few simple suggestions from the book over the period of several months. Most importantly, I realized that much of what happens with my health is in my own hands.

Reviewer: Peter Chrzanowski, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have read a great deal of health and spiritual books. Many of them give little useful meaning beyond nostalgic " hippie-dippie " advice.

At first glance Mikhail Tombak brings out things in his book which we would just shrug off as " common sense ". However, if we read deeper between the lines we realize that the basis of all medicine, holistic and mainstream, relies heavily on age old remedies which have been adapted to modern times.

Here is where Tombak's wonderful book really shines as he enters " grandma's advice " which we might have shrugged off at first. So often , when we look back at our childhood carefully, only then can we realize, how it has helped us get cured , or just feel better.

As North Americans , especially, we should peer deeper into values presented to us from the old country as we accelerate into the 21st Century, often forgetting the lessons of the past.

Thumbs up Mr Tombak for reminding us of that!

A book everybody should read and own., May 28, 2003
Reviewer: Alicja Grigoruk, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Very informative, common sense approach, easy to comprehend. Once I started reading this book I could not stop until I finished it the same day.  I found the recipes for body cleansing especially helpful. Next day I bought three more copies for my friends.  I'd recommend this book for everybody who cares about their health.

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