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Blog / Nov 30, 2021
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Effective non-toxic treatments for cancer are available – if you leave North America

By Rev. Barbara Clearbridge


“Since the days of revelation, in fact, the same four corrupting errors have been
made over and over again:
submission to faulty and unworthy authority;
submission to what it was customary to believe;
submission to the prejudices of the mob;
and worst of all, concealment of ignorance by a false show of unheld
for no better reason than pride.”

– Roger Bacon

I have known many people who have had cancer. The fear, panic and stress of the “likely death sentence” contribute to people immediately taking action, usually the strong action of surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. The purpose of this report is to help you to be aware of some facts about treatment options, some of the causes of cancer upon which alternative treatments are based, and the political maneuverings of the “cancer industry.” At the end you will find a list of resources for further information.

The immediate first step to take if you receive a diagnosis of cancer is to get a second opinion. Lab tests can get mixed up or be wrongly interpreted, and this happens more often than you might think.

"Nearly every published study puts the mistake rate of X-ray readers at 20% - 40%. In one research project, it was seen that radiologists working at Harvard University ‘disagreed on the interpretation of chest radiographs as much as 56% of the time. Moreover, there were potentially significant errors in 41% of their reports."1

Errors can include missed tumors, as well as other misdiagnoses. Biopsies are also subject to mistakes. Doctors and diagnosticians are human – it is important to get a second opinion and perhaps even a third.

People often agree to the strongest treatment available – surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation – no matter what the condition of their general health is. Usually they don’t question what their doctor says. “The treatment of choice” is the magic phrase uttered by the doctor, and the frightened patient starts treatment with no exploration of alternatives – or even of complementary treatments which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

"The key to the treatment of cancer is to realise it is a biological process, not a weird entity coming from a source entirely outside our control."2

A diagnosis of cancer does not need to frighten you into blind obedience to your doctor. You have non-toxic, effective options in cancer treatment. There is a whole slew of cancer therapies which have been proven effective and have few or no toxic side effects, and which are working well for people in other countries. Only a few of these therapies are offered in the U.S. – by doctors willing to buck the system and take the consequences. I have found cancer cures in books dating back to before 1900, most of them developed by prominent doctors or scientists. Even at that time, conventional doctors all over the world were ostracizing practitioners, closing down their practices, outlawing the therapies, restricting the publication of articles designed to educate the public (and other doctors), and all this despite cure rates greater than those of the conventional treatment of the time.

This practice continues. Today, in the U.S. and Canada, the powerful medical associations and cancer research organizations still shut down all competition, despite recent research showing therapies with cure rates higher than those obtained by chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, research has shown that in some cases conventional treatment is worse than no treatment at all. Yet surgery, chemotherapy and radiation persist as “the treatment of choice.” 3 Why?

ACS: American Cancer Society      NCI: National Cancer Institute
FDA: U.S. Food & Drug Administration       AMA: American Medical Association

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