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Blog / Nov 30, 2021
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Effective non-toxic treatments for cancer...

By Rev. Barbara Clearbridge

Diet Therapies.

Macrobiotics. This diet showed significant results in treating cancer in research at Tulane, Harvard Medical School, and Ghent University in Belgium; Japanese research on a prominent ingredient in that diet, the shiitake mushroom, also showed significant results.

Moerman’s. This “anti-cancer” diet is an officially-approved treatment in the Netherlands.

Dr. Henry Bieler. His nutritional therapy cured both malignant and fibroid tumors as early as 1965.

Herbal Therapies and Supplements. There are many programs for cancer treatment which use herbal mixtures and/or supplements of various kinds. I have already mentioned Hoxsey’s herbs. I will single out just one additional program:

Essiac. This treatment, developed by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, missed being legalized by Canada’s Parliament by only three votes in 1938, yet is still “unapproved” for marketing there or in the U.S. It is available in Canada only for “emergency release on compassionate grounds.”

“The body is a delicate machine and does not require gross agents for its treatment. “It is a form of mental materialism to consider that mass doses or violent mechanical remedies are necessary for treatment.” Dr. W. Guyon Richards29

Urine Therapy. We come now to potentially the simplest treatment of all. In the 1960’s, Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgi, discoverer of vitamin C, isolated a substance in urine which destroys cancer cells. Since then, many substances with anti-cancer effects have been discovered in urine.

It turns out that for thousands of years, in very old traditions of medicine, cancer patients have been treated with urine. Urine is a blood product, not a waste product, and it is full of vital elements for health.

“Autouropathy [urine therapy] did flourish in many parts of the world and it continues to flourish today…there is, unknown to most of us, a wide usage of uropathy and a great volume of knowledge available showing the multitudinous advantages of this modality…”30

In 1970’s clinical studies using an extract of urine on cancer patients, most patients in the study showed remarkable improvement after only one week of treatment, and continued treatment produced a reduction in tumor size and normalization of biochemical tests, without toxic or dangerous side effects. 31

Urine also destroys body-damaging chemicals called “free radicals” which are considered to be a cause of cancer and other breakdowns in immune function.

“More scientific papers have probably been published on urine than on any other organic compound.”32

“It has become clear through scientific research that there are many substances to be found in urine which have proven anti-cancer properties. Apart from that, urine therapy seems to enhance the strength of the immune system and since cancer is related to a weakening of the body’s natural immunity, this immunity-enhancing factor could be considered to be quite important. Part of the explanation of urine therapy as such an excellent natural cancer treatment seems to be found in its immense nutritional benefits.33 This statement from The Golden Fountain, The Complete Guide To 33 Urine Therapy, by Coen van der Kroon, is followed by testimonials from Australia, Israel, Belgium, India, and the U.S.

“During this century, researchers sat in their laboratories and watched as simple urea [the main substance in urine] or whole urine completely destroyed rabies and polio viruses, tuberculosis, typhoid, gonorrhea, dysentery bacteria and cancer cells. They found that urine contains a huge array of incredibly valuable and medically important elements and they injected and orally administered urine and urea to thousands of patients in clinical tests. “They watched as it saved the lives of cancer patients…. But the general public was never told about such discoveries.” 34

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. Dr. Burzynski isolated a peptide component in urine which has particularly powerful anti-cancer effects. His “antineoplaston therapy” has performed well in clinical studies in Japan, Great Britain, Italy, China, the former Soviet Union, and the U.S. Burzynski says,

“They have very potent anticancer activity without causing any harm to the normal human tissues. In the last year we were able to treat successfully 14 different types of human cancers including bladder, colon, tongue, breast, lung, ovarian and uterine cancer – all of them with metastases to distant organs, even to the brain.”35

For his pains, Dr. Burzynski has been blacklisted, labeled a quack by the FDA and ACS, restricted to practicing in Texas, and forbidden to ship his peptides out of that state. THE FDA SUED HIM, the Texas Board of Medical Examiners tried to revoke his medical license, and the U.S. Justice Department tried to sue him for mail fraud! Some insurance companies refuse to cover his treatment.

“The physical home of the human spirit does not need to be treated as if it were an engineering proposition. This rage for the use of great physical force is all wrong. We should realise in time that the body needs the most tender treatment.... We are dealing with radiating life, not a piece of dead mechanism.”36

Energy Medicine.

“…new concepts of life and energy bring back into medicine a humility before the miracle we call life. The ART of medicine becomes a practice composed of the life energies of the physician, the patient, and the Earth.”37

“No remedy is given unless it increases the life-forces of the patient.”38

This brings us to “energy medicine,” also sometimes called “vibrational medicine.” It is a new health care specialty in North America, but an ancient practice around the world – it is estimated that nearly 100 cultures around the world use forms of energy work. It is used for both primary and adjunctive (additional, complementary) treatment. There are many techniques that fall into this category, including energy work (energy flowing through laying-on-of-hands, which includes techniques such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch), acupuncture (energy flow stimulated by tiny, hollow “needles” and the burning of herbs), electro-medicine (also called “bioelectrics,” or application of electrical or electromagnetic energies from a device), shamanic healing, and homeopathy (ingestion of “remedies” so diluted that what remains is virtually an imprint of energy patterns rather than a substance). Because this work is not well understood in our culture, I’m going to go into it in some detail.

There are two ways in which energy work brings healing. People are composed of a variety of interlocking systems which contribute to their physical, mental and emotional health (such as the digestive system and the nervous system). One of the primary ones is the energy system, which metabolizes and distributes energy throughout the physical body. It also perceives (in the form of intuition and “sixth sense”), acts as a template for the physical body, and has other functions. A centuries-old holistic system of medicine from India, Ayurveda, says that weakened life force – low energy – lies behind most diseases, including cancer. Many other traditions of medicine say that the causes of illness include energy imbalance: an excess or deficiency of the body’s elemental energies. These are called qi or chi, ki, prana, or other names in various cultures. One way energy work heals is by balancing the energy system, adding energy to it, draining excess energy from it, and repairing damaged parts of it.

The second way that energy work heals is through “resonance.” The atoms which form the physical body are made of moving particles with different electrical charges. All the substance of the body is made of these moving particles. So although it appears solid, every cell is actually in motion — made of energy waves. Energy work can heal by impacting the rhythm, frequency, wavelength, and electric/magnetic charges of the vibrating energy waves that form the body. As a simple example of the effect of resonance, think about how music affects you. It can change your mood, ease pain, even be felt physically if it is loud enough. This is because the energy waves in your body change as they begin to resonate with the energy waves of the music.39

Dr. Robert O. Becker, in his work with regeneration of body parts, discovered that the control system that started, regulated and stopped healing was electrical.

“A new scientific concept has emerged, one that…has begun to explain many of the mysteries. “…the integration of physics and biology has given rise to a new scientific revolution.... The chemistry of life has been revealed to be based upon the underlying forces of electricity and magnetism. Our bodies and brains generate electromagnetic fields within us and around us. “[This] has validated the ancient, preliterate concept of ‘life energy,’ not as some mystical, unknowable force but as measurable electromagnetic forces that act within the body.... [and] have been shown to be the basis of many of the underlying control systems that regulate the complex chemical mechanisms. “These electromagnetic forces appear capable of being accessed through some of the techniques of shaman-healers as well as through modern, direct intervention with similar forces. These ideas have led to the development of the new medical paradigm, energy medicine, which is currently being slowly integrated into orthodox scientific medicine.”40

The presence of an electromagnetic aspect to the body has been repeatedly demonstrated. For example, the electromagnetic field produced by the brain is easily detected, and has been measured and analyzed several feet away from the head. 41

From Victory Over Cancer, by Cyril Scott, published in 1939: “Therapy by means of electronic reactions [electromagnetic radiation and its effects] came into prominence many years ago…. [Abrams] had found a means of diagnosing from a drop of blood practically every sort of disease, including cancer; he could even determine the site of the cancer by these means.42

Energy Work / Laying-On-Of-Hands. Energy work is based on principles natural to us, but which our culture has alternately banned, forgotten, ignored, branded as magic or witchcraft, relegated to God and saints, and ridiculed as fraudulent. Every parent uses one of its principles, however — when the child gets hurt, the parent holds the hurt part or holds the child. This is because there are healing energies in our hands. All of us, when we are hurt or ill, instinctively use our hands to soothe the pain.

Besides healing the energy system of the body and regulating self-healing and regeneration mechanisms (as described above), hands-on energy work has been shown to beneficially affect electromagnetic disturbances in the body, oxygen absorption, the immune system, white blood cell counts, beneficial enzymes, the effects of stress, detoxification of the body, and positive mental attitude. All of these have been proven vital to health. Energy work has also demonstrated an ability to destroy viruses, which are considered to be the cause of some – or possibly all – cancers. It can even destroy cancer cells themselves. Some of these effects have been documented in research studies, others are known to practitioners through the recovery rates in their patients.

In addition, research has shown the following:

  • Cancer cells generate electromagnetic fields which inhibit the body’s immune system response.43
  • Environmental electromagnetic waves cause or contribute to cancer (more on this later).
  • Cancer can be caused by disturbances in the bioelectric circulatory system in the body.44
  • “Geo-stress” – electromagnetic emissions from the Earth – can contribute to cancer.45

All of these can be moderated or cured by energy work.

Ranking a bit higher on the hard-to-believe scale – for us westerners – are two types of energy relationships to cancer:

  • “A torn chakra [body organ for handling energy] has appeared in every cancer patient I have seen.”46
  • “Cancer can be caused by energy connections to family members or loved ones who have, or have had, cancer.”47

Energy work can effectively treat these causes also.

As an energy worker myself, I can personally attest to the effectiveness of energy work for cancer. Of four clients who have come to me with tumors, three had their tumors shrink or disappear completely. Of these, two had received no previous treatment, and for the third, conventional treatment had not helped. One of the tumors which shrank also became encapsulated, enabling it to be removed safely and simply by surgery. Chemotherapy was deemed unnecessary for this client. For three clients undergoing chemotherapy, one of whom was also undergoing radiation, two achieved complete relief from pain, nausea, depression, and fatigue, and were able to resume their normal, active lives. Two clients came to me after conventional therapy, in order to prevent recurrence. To date, 2 years and 5 years later, they remain cancerfree.

Though still being laughed at in some medical circles, enough proof – both anecdotal and through clinical research trials – has accumulated that simple energy work techniques such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch are insinuating themselves into our conventional medical system, primarily via the nursing and hospice professions. Reiki providers are in operating rooms, and Therapeutic Touch has become a routine part of nursing care in some hospitals and is being taught, among other places, through nursing associations. Many new journals and research associations have sprung up to explore this fascinating field.

Recently instruments have been built to read the electromagnetic waves from practitioners’ hands. They have reported energy work producing measurable electromagnetic fields, infra-red radiation, infrasound, ion streams of visible light, and superfaint luminescence.48

“The healer’s gift is an ability to use his or her own electrical control systems to produce external electromagnetic energy fields that interact with those of the patient. The interaction could be one that ‘restores’ balance in the internal forces or that reinforces the electrical systems so that the body returns toward a normal condition.” 49

“The conclusion that may be reached from the Chinese studies is that the healer phenomenon has a basis in physical reality, and that some form of electromagnetic energy is unquestionably involved.”50

Related to this is another new health care specialty, the “medical intuitive,” who uses paranormal perception to diagnose, sometimes without even being in the same room as the client. It is theorized that some medical intuitives use electromagnetic waves to see into the body, much as an MRI or ultra-sound device does. Medical intuitives usually describe cancer as black spots or patches visible in or near the body. In some test cases, their findings have been compared with the findings of MRI’s and other diagnostic equipment, and were found to be accurate.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung, and spelled various ways, including Chi Kung). Qigong is a 3000-year-old technique from China, involving augmenting the flow of life force energy through the body. Energy can be directed to the patient by the practitioner, as in hands-on energy work, or qigong can be done as a self-treatment through techniques of movement, sound, breath, and visualization or intent. Practitioners report cancer cures. 51

Acupuncture. Acupuncture uses tiny, hollow tubes (not really needles) to stimulate or alter energy flow through the body. When used in combination with Chinese herbal medicine, cancer cures have been reported.

Homeopathy. This is a way of eating energy patterns. It seems magical, but has proved itself so well, and is so respected, that homeopathic hospitals are well-established in Europe. England’s royal family is treated by homeopathic physicians.

“Homeopathic literature abounds with accounts of notable cures of cancer.”52

In homeopathic treatment, a substance is diluted and shaken to such a great degree that there is no evidence of solid matter left in it, according to standard measurements. However, energetically, it is extremely active – in fact, the greater the dilution, the greater action is shown. The end results are called “remedies” and are effective not only with major diseases, but with problems such as the common cold, flu, and odd, vague problems which conventional medicine finds hard to treat.

Dr. William Gray, Hahnemann Medical Clinic in Berkeley, 1995, said that homeopathy’s “cure rate of early stage cancer runs around 80%. If it’s later stage…40% or 50%.” He claims homeopathy can improve the patient’s condition, prolong life, and relieve suffering “without clouding the patient’s mind with dope.” However, in California, nontoxic treatment of cancer is illegal. The only legal treatments are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, “All of which are poisonous or violently destructive to the body.”53 (This information was from a source published in 1993; I have been 53 unable to determine if it is still true, and if it is true in other states. In Washington State, other treatments are legal.)

Homeopathic treatment is rather different from conventional treatment. Here is a taste of one doctor’s methods:

“Success in dealing with cancer depends on recognizing that there is a virus, an altered balance in [endocrine] gland secretion and that there are always other infections, and all three conditions must be dealt with…

“Looking at the growth from a morphological point of view it is obvious that we need to soften it. From the electronic point of view we need to rectify balances and from the bio-physical view we need to loosen up the densely packed tissue to allow toxins to be liberated….

“We have therefore in cancer a local response to a general condition, almost certainly at first an attempt at cure.”54

As with other forms of holistic healing, a homeopathic physician would continue to treat the patient after the growth itself is gone – to discover the underlying reasons why the body developed the cancer, so as to attain actual health, which will prevent recurrence.

ACS: American Cancer Society      NCI: National Cancer Institute
FDA: U.S. Food & Drug Administration       AMA: American Medical Association

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