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Blog / Nov 30, 2021
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Effective non-toxic treatments for cancer...

By Rev. Barbara Clearbridge

Devices. “Bioelectric” equipment such as the MRI, ultra-sound, heart and brain monitoring systems, and radiation treatment are current conventional methods which use energy work applied by machinery. There have been several devices successfully used for cancer treatment which are based on healing rather than on destruction of cells (conventional radiation treatment is based on destruction).

Julius Fredrich Cohenheim experimented in 1877 with “embryonic cells” left over in the adult body. He believed there was an electrical control system for embryonic cells which was different from the control system for adult cells. Dr. S. Meryl Rose followed up on this theory in 1948, with experiments with frogs and salamanders. He discovered he could cure cancer: “Cancer cells were not locked irretrievably into the malignant state; in the presence of embryonic control systems, they could return to normal.” Although other 55 scientists repeated his experiments with the same good results, the medical establishment has paid no attention.

The Rife Frequency Instrument. One of the worst cases of persecution of a successful therapy involved a bioelectric device. In 1934, the Rife Frequency Instrument successfully treated 14 of 16 terminal cancer cases at the University of Southern California clinic. “After three months, 14 of these so-called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and a pathologist.” The machinery developed by Roy Rife emitted 56 electromagnetic radiation. Treatment was painless and non-invasive. In 1935-38, independent physicians used the Instrument to successfully treat as many as forty people per day, reversing cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases, and painlessly removing cataracts.

The AMA and the California State Board of Public Health stopped the Rife treatment by harassing physicians and threatening them with loss of license and jail terms, and by forcing Rife into court. All scientific papers about Rife’s work were censored by the AMA; no medical journal was permitted to report on Rife’s medical discoveries and cures. Rife’s partner, John Crane, spent three years in jail after a trial in which the foreman of the jury was an AMA doctor. The New Jersey lab which was verifying Rife’s discoveries burned to the ground “mysteriously.” The author of an article in “The Smithsonian” was shot at, and never wrote about the therapy again. 57

The FDA still bans Rife-like treatments for human medical use. Despite this, a plethora of practitioners now say they are using the Rife Instrument. Be careful – critics say that none are the real thing, and some may be hazardous. If you really want Rife, seek it outside the U.S., where his treatment is available in some countries under government oversight and approval.

Cell Specific Therapy. This is available in Tijuana, England, and the Dominican Republic:

“A device scans the body for tumors and cancer cells, then makes another sweep, targeting clusters of malignant cells and zapping them with painless pulses of electromagnetic energy. VOILA! The cancer cells are gone, while the healthy cells remain undamaged…. Developers John Armstrong and Michael Reynolds say, ‘The…device has successfully reduced cancer in more than half of the 200 patients who’ve been through the center’ in its first two years.” 58

This device is now called Zoetron.

Multi-wave Oscillator. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, a pioneer in the use of electromagnetic energy for healing, compares Cell Specific treatment to the work of Russian Georges Lakovsky, who developed a multi-wave oscillator in the 1920’s. “Over 300 patients, many with cancer, were treated with the device in a New York City hospital, and 70% of them improved.” This treatment has since disappeared. 59

EDS, Bio-energy Devices, and VEGA. In Germany, a number of computerized devices have been invented. Some read the electromagnetic waves within the body, and those of drugs and natural remedies. Some read the electrical impulses traveling through the skin, sometimes on energy meridian pathways. These devices are usually called EDS, for “electro-dermal screening,” or “bio-energy” devices. They are used for diagnosis, prescription, and treatment of many problems and diseases, including cancer. Naturopathic (and some chiropractic) physicians in the U.S. are beginning to use them, although in some states some types are illegal or restricted in their usage. There are clinics in Germany which treat cancer with the VEGA. (See Resources)

Jacobson Resonator. This device uses magnetic fields with frequencies comparable to brain waves. Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, neurological disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, wound healing, and promoting immune function. Though not specifically designed for cancer treatment, it would certainly be useful as an adjunctive therapy. This device was developed by research scientists and the prototype was built by NASA subcontractors. In spring of 2000, it was put forward for FDA approval.60

“We are, I think, only just at the beginning of radio treatment, and as soon as physicists and physicians can get over a childish prejudice against new ideas we shall go ahead with rapidity.”61 Dr. W. Guyon Richards, 1954

As mentioned earlier, one reason electromagnetic treatment, whether by hand or by machine, is so effective with cancer is because it can reverse the effect of harmful electromagnetic waves on our bodies. More on this subject later, but here is some food for thought:

“…ALL abnormal, man-made electromagnetic fields, regardless of their frequencies, produce the same biological effects…: effects on growing cells, such as increases in the rate of cancer-cell division; increases in the incidence of certain cancers; stress responses in exposed animals that, if prolonged, lead to declines in immune system efficiency….

“…Many cancers are the result of acquired genetic abnormalities…which program cells to become cancerous. Because abnormal electromagnetic fields can produce genetic abnormalities during cell division, it is quite possible that chronic exposure to such fields is a competent cause for the origin of cancers.

“This is compatible with the latest data indicating significant increases in the incidence of specific types of cancers since 1975...

“More than a thousand scientific papers on this topic are published each year.”62

The application of corrective or healthy electromagnetic waves through energy medicine can reverse the effects and stimulate healing.

Distance Healing. This may seem rather far along on the “woo-woo” scale, but think for a minute of how electromagnetic waves can pass through the air and be picked up elsewhere, as our radio and televisions do, as satellite systems do. In a similar way, organisms can send energy waves back and forth between them.

“Long distance cell-to-cell or organism-to-organism communications may be accomplished by transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals through membrane receptors or enzymes,” says Tian Y. Tsong, M.D.63

Yes, we can send healing energies to each other through the air, covering large distances, and have them be effective. We can do this through our hands, and it has also been done by machines – the earliest mention of this I have found so far is in Victory Over Cancer, published in 1939.

Miscellaneous Therapies. I want to mention the names of several other cancer cures, some dating from before 1900, and most of which have been successfully suppressed: Dr. Robert E. Lincoln’s treatment (author of New Cures for Old Ailments), Dr. John Beard’s pancreatic enzymes, lymph-statis, nature-cure method, the potash cure, the Rees Evans herbal treatment, Dr. William F. Koch’s preparation, the Norman Baker cure, the bio-chemic treatment, the grape cure, and cures through osteopathy. Dr. Emanuel Revici’s biological treatment is still available from him in New York City, although he has been blacklisted and denied funding and clinical testing. Dr. Hans Nieper developed a metabolic therapy which is available now in Germany.

How many have vanished without a trace?

ACS: American Cancer Society      NCI: National Cancer Institute
FDA: U.S. Food & Drug Administration       AMA: American Medical Association

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