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Blog / Nov 30, 2021
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Effective non-toxic treatments for cancer...

By Rev. Barbara Clearbridge


“I walked the pine woods beyond the Aesculapion, the ruins of the pre- Christian hospital spread out over the hillside where the patients were required to tell the doctors their dream after they had slept their first night there… …The old pine forest had been planted so the patients could walk among the trees and be calmed by the scent of pine.” Mary Lee Settle, Turkish Reflections

Many of the treatments I’ve mentioned are used most often as adjunct, or additional, therapies, sometimes referred to as “complementary.” There are several other adjunct therapies of importance in cancer treatment.

“Lucy Bell, of Hammersmith Hospital’s NHS Trust [National Health Services], spoke of the complementary therapies her hospital system has pioneered within cancer care in the United Kingdom, such as aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, relaxation, visualization, acupuncture, and art therapy. They are, she said, ‘an integral part of a multidisciplinary approach to specialist cancer and palliative care.’”64

Hyperthermia. Simply adding the application of heat (applied to the tumor or the whole body) to conventional treatment can increase recovery rates from 30% to 50%. Also, dosages of radiation and chemotherapy can be greatly reduced without lessening their effectiveness. Tumors not responsive to radiation, such as melanomas and sarcomas, have been treated with some success when hyperthermia is administered along with the radiation. This treatment is not new – hyperthermia for tumors is mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyri and ancient Greek writings.65

“Many advocates of hyperthermia feel that the medical establishment’s continued resistance to it can be explained partly by the huge monetary profits the supporters of chemotherapy and radiation might lose if use of hyperthermia became widespread.”66

If this is not true, why haven’t we heard of it? Why isn’t it a standard part of treatment?

Have you heard about these adjunctive therapies?

Bio-cycle Planning.

“It has been shown that the time when cancer chemotherapeutic drugs are administered during a patient’s biocycle is a major determiner of their effect.” This has been known since the 1960’s. 67

A 1999 study of 112 women found that those who underwent surgery between days three and twelve of their menstrual cycles had a reduced chance of survival (with day one as the first day of menstrual bleeding). Of those women, 45% were alive ten years later. The ten-year survival rate of the women who had surgery on other days was 75%.68

Psycho-neuro-immunology. Orthodox medicine has accepted that a relationship exists between the conscious mind and the immune system. The scientific discipline studying this is called psycho-neuro-immunology. In this category I would include visualization, and control of one’s own treatment.

Visualization. The use of visualization in cancer treatment was developed by O. Carl Simonton and Stephanie Matthews Simonton in the first holistic cancer clinic in the U.S. They write about it in depth in their book, Getting Well Again. Since then, visualization has been popularized by Dr. Bernie Siegel and others.

Control of one’s own treatment.
“These studies clearly indicate that in any stressful circumstance, any measure of control lessens the extent of stress and results in a significant improvement in resistance factors and healthy outcome.

“This teaches us several extremely important lessons. First, stress enhances and accelerates cancer growth. Second, providing patients with the maximum possible level of control over their treatment markedly reduces the stress of serious illness and improves the clinical outcome.” 69

In other words, having no say in what happens to you concerning your treatment, or when it happens, or how, will increase your stress, which is likely to make you sicker, faster. Is your doctor aware of these studies?

Fu Zhen therapy, a Chinese herbal treatment, is reported to protect the immune system from damage and to increase survival rates, sometimes dramatically, when used in conjunction with conventional therapies.

Live cell therapy is widely known in Europe. Because it is unapproved and unlicensed in the U.S., you’ll have to go to Tijuana to get it.


“Under hypnosis, humans may be given verbal commands to the conscious digitalsystem [electrical] portions of the brain, which can then effectively control the operations of the DC analog system. Since the primitive analog system controls growth and healing, it is possible that under certain circumstances, conscious thought can cause healing.”70

In many ways, hypnosis can enhance the immune system’s actions for self-healing. It can also help conventional treatment to be less toxic (and therefore also less frightening) and more effective. Three thousand years ago, Turkish doctors were using hypnosis to treat physical and mental illness. Why haven’t the modern medical sciences embraced the psychological sciences and joined together for cancer treatment?

ACS: American Cancer Society      NCI: National Cancer Institute
FDA: U.S. Food & Drug Administration       AMA: American Medical Association

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