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Blog / Sep 18, 2021
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Headaches and Spinach

Headache can be associated with various ailments. It could be caused by stress, improper food combination, or other causes...

Headache can be associated with various ailments. It could be caused by stress, improper food combination, or other causes...

According to Maria Treben, the author of a best selling book about herbal treatments, the herb which helps in constant headaches is stinging nettle. Nettle tea that you can get in health food store is helpful, but the best results gives herbal tea prepared of freshly picked young nettle tops, especially in the spring.

Maria Treben also recommends Swedish Formula which is also available in most health food stores.

Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D., the author of the book “Can We Live 150 Years?” suggests a blend of carrot juice and spinach juice in proportions 1:2 as a good remedy against migraine headaches.

Spinach juice

Spinach is very important for our digestive processes, starting in the stomach and ending in the large intestine. Raw spinach contains an organic substance that wonderfully cleans our intestines and improves their functioning. Two cups (half a liter) of properly prepared fresh spinach juice a day can help get rid of the worst forms of constipation within a few days or a few weeks. The use of laxatives is often unwarranted. The way non-organic laxatives stimulate bowel movement irritates intestinal muscles. Because of their use, the system made up of local tissues, muscles and nerves remains idle, which causes the degeneration of our intestines. Fresh juice squeezed from raw spinach is very effective in stimulating bowel movements and helps regenerate not only the intestines but also the entire digestive tract. The consumption of refined sugar and other refined products, accompanied by vitamin C deficiency, cause gum bleeding and dental pulp diseases. The best remedy for these problems is a diet consisting of raw and natural plant-based foods, including adequate amounts of spinach and carrot juices. If our body is deficient in elements found in raw carrot juice and spinach juice, we may suffer from a variety of health problems, such as ulcerations, anemia, nervous breakdown, irregular secretion from suprarenal glands and the thyroid gland, kidney inflammation, joint inflammation, furuncles, limb swelling, frequent hemorrhages, weakness, rheumatism, irregular heart function, low or high blood pressure, vision problems, and headaches (including migraine headaches).

Further reading:
Can We Live 150 Years? by Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D.

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