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Blog / Jan 17, 2022
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Cancer Causes

One of my patients was a twelve-year-old boy who had been suffering from asthmatic fits for the last two years. His face was swollen and skin complexion yellowish-pale. As a result of hormonal therapy, he was considerably overweight and was not able to participate in physical activities at school. I noticed spinal misalignment. He could only dream about such things as playing ball, cycling, or swimming.

There he was in front of me, an unhappy twelve-year-old who couldn't enjoy his childhood and was almost handicapped. And his future seemed to look even bleaker than that because bronchial asthma is a chronic and hard-to-cure disease. Qu- estioned about his favorite foods, his mother mentioned meat, soups, dairy products, pastry, and sweets.

I could never understand parents who in their blind affection treat children with candies, ice cream, sweet beverages, and other products that are full of sugar. They don't realize that all these products turn into poisons and remain in their children's bodies for the rest of their lives. When I hear discussions about hereditary diseases, I often want to say that diseases are not inherited. We inherit an unhealthy lifestyle.

I asked another question, about his morning exercises and other hardiness-building activities. It turned out he didn't have any such habits. Many children today are affected by obesity, vision disorders, and infections because they spend most of their free time watching TV or playing computer games instead of playing outdoors.

I further questioned the boy's mother:
"How does he like to sleep?"
"Soft mattress, high pillow, thick warm quilt..."
"Does he often get sore throat or flu?"
"Does he have regular stools?" - She shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't really know."
I questioned the boy about bowel movements, which caused him to blush.
"I do it with difficulty and it's in the form of hard round chunks."
"How often do you get headaches?"
"At least once a week."
"What do you do then?"
"Nothing. I lie in bed or Mom gives me a pill…"

He was a child, somebody just starting his life, and from what I heard about his lifestyle, he was already a potential candidate for a cancer patient. According to statistics, in the western world one child out of four has respiratory disorders, one out of five - gastrointestinal disorders, one out of five - vision and hearing disorders, and one out of three - neurological disorders. Many children suffer from constipation and headaches.

It's almost impossible to find a completely healthy child. What's going to happen when they become adults

Nature takes care of those who live in harmony with her laws. When babies are born, they breathe air in and soon get a bath - their first contact with water. Soon after, they are exposed to sunlight and come in contact with the ground.

Dying people say farewell to sunlight, stop breathing and get buried in the ground. What happens between birth and death is closely related to sunlight, air, water, and earth. Sun gives us energy, air provides oxygen, water fills our cells, and the land feeds us. These laws of nature are constant and universal.

Humans don't want to live according to the laws of nature and are getting illness and suffering in return. We started creating artificial environments and avoiding sunlight. We poisoned our air and water and replaced natural food with attractively wrapped processed products. We want all our food to be tasty, sweet, cooked, and warm. Nutritional value of such processed food is usually depleted. Our natural hardiness got watered down. Polluted blood carries disease-causing poisons, the heart gets weakened and the brain damaged. No pills are going to help when our body resembles a dirty stagnant swamp.

We have a choice between disease bringing a premature death or changing our lifestyle and enjoying vibrant health. An old adage teaches, "doctors treat and nature heals." Our body can deal with any disease if we create conditions allowing it to utilize its natural defenses. Read more on page 108

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