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Blog / Jan 17, 2022
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Reversing Cancer

I've had many opportunities to witness the situation when even strong-spirited people suddenly paled having heard the terrible diagnosis - cancer. Everyone was accepting this news like the death sentence without any possibility for appeal. Despite seeming hopelessness of their situation, even seriously ill people with incurable diseases try to hold on to life to the very last moments. This is in our human nature - we fully appreciate health only after we lose it.

Today's medicine isn't able to give full answers about the causes of cancer. What force directs some cells to mutate, rapidly reproduce, and grow into healthy tissue causing a lot of pain and suffering?

Doctors and researchers have created a lot of theories explaining the mechanism of tumor formation and identified many factors stimulating the development of cancer cells. However, they haven't managed to find the original cause. I think that the research failed for the following reasons:

First, cancer research treats the human body as a set of organs instead of looking at it as a biological system. All efforts concentrate on the ill organ where a tumor is discovered. The usual treatment - radiation and chemotherapy - is theoretically intended to mobilize the body's defense mechanisms. Unfortunately, the body is weakened by the disease and poisoned from within. As such, it doesn't have any reserves to come up with effective defense. The treatment itself creates another disadvantage by making bodily fluids more alkaline, which promotes the growth of unhealthy bacteria posing more challenge to our immune system.

Second, medicine keeps looking for a universal drug or a combination of drugs to effectively reverse the growth of tumors (fighting the symptoms not the cause), while cancer is a disease involving the whole body, from the brain to the large intestine.

The "seeds" of cancer are ingrained in us from our childhood. They start "sprouting" as transitional stages of the underlying disease. Runny nose, colds, rheumatism, arthritis, and other conditions affecting our eyes, ears, throat, kidneys, liver, heart, bones, or the nervous system, are all segments of one cancerous chain. As long as we don't create proper circumstances allowing our body to utilize it's natural defense mechanisms involving immunity, self-regulation, and self-regeneration, thousands of research centers and millions of doctors with all the drugs and other methods will be unsuccessful in their efforts to cure cancer. Even patients who have a successful surgery and get good prognosis still have a constant unconscious fear of recurrence.

I've been in contact with a lot of cancer patients for many years. There are thousands of them in hospitals all over the world. Many stay alive despite the odds.

One of them was a 39-year-old woman who came to see me in the Health Center in Moscow. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Two surgeries in the course of six months left her very weak and she was given 2-3 months to live. She had constant 100- 102F (38-39C) fever and her vitality was visibly diminishing. I said to her: "There are three of us - you, me, and your disease. Who do you want to align with? Two can always defeat one." She didn't say anything but the expression in her eyes proved she was ready to fight to the end.

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January, 17 
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