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Blog / Jan 17, 2022
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Your Fighting Chance Against Osteoporosis

As winter begins many elderly people get anxious. They worry about cold, snow, and slippery sidewalks. The risk of falling and breaking a bone is very real. Persons suffering from osteoporosis are particularly prone to bone fractures.

Based on statistics, the most dangerous are fractures in the area of the hip joint. This brings permanent disability in about half of all cases. In developed countries, osteoporosis starts placing itself near the top of all "civilization diseases". It used to be the common opinion that this disease attacks mostly women. Present research shows that it affects men and women to the same degree. Moreover, children as young as 8-11 are now diagnosed more frequently. For most inhabitants of big cities, the first symptoms of osteoporosis can be usually noticed at the age of 30. What is osteoporosis? Why do strong and healthy bones become weak and prone to fractures or shattering?

Osteoporosis means calcium deficiency in the bones. As we know, the main ingredient of the bone tissue is calcium. If for some reason our body is deficient in calcium, our bones become porous and start resembling Swiss cheese.

According to conventional medicine, osteoporosis is an incurable disease with a genetic component. Medicine doesn't really know how to treat genetic diseases. This means such diagnosis leaves only slim chances of being cured. The best we can do is to stop the disease's progression. To achieve that, specialists recommend drinking more milk and eating more cheese. The usual advice for men is to reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and to take formulas containing synthetic calcium and vitamin D3. Women get the same advice plus estrogen therapy.

Medical practice proves that formulas containing calcium and hormones can delay the development of the disease. However, most specialists I know agree, that complete cure is impossible. It's not up to me to evaluate the effectiveness of existing therapies. Dozens of research institutes, all over the world, inquire into the causes of osteoporosis and its treatment. One thing is certain - presently available therapies focus on delivering more calcium to the body and forcing the body to assimilate that extra calcium.

At a seminar dealing with healthy lifestyle, a woman told me a very sad story. Her bones are weak even though she drinks 1-1.5qt (1-1.5L) of milk a day throughout all her life, milkbased soups and grains are part of her diet every other day, and she takes large amounts of calcium and vitamin C whenever she catches a cold. In other words, her body is supplied more calcium than it needs. Despite all that, when she broke her arm, the bone wouldn't heal. That's when she was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Some readers who eat plenty of dairy products and regularly take calcium pills are probably surprised to be diagnosed with osteoporosis, or calcium deficiency. Why does this happen?

The form of calcium we get from pasteurized and skimmed milk, synthetic formulas, pills, and other such sources, goes through our body without being assimilated. The bones get practically nothing from that kind of calcium. Every time when increased amounts of calcium are needed for life processes (e.g. when the weather changes), our blood takes the extra amount from the bones. This is why people often complain about bone aches when the weather is about to change. Supplying our body with hard-to-assimilate form of calcium is like spinning wheels when our car is stuck in snow - the faster we spin the wheels the deeper they dig in. The engine works at full power and wastes lots of fuel, but we don't get anywhere.

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