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Blog / Jan 17, 2022
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Some remarks about diabetes

Thirty or forty years ago, when we didn't have today's abundance of highly processed refined food, deli products, baked goods containing white refined flour, sweets, and sweet beverages, diabetes was a rare disease. People who got it were usually advanced in years and their pancreas wasn't efficient any longer due to old age.

Today, diabetes cases can be found in younger generation, even among children. The main cause of the disease, no matter the age, is our diet, rich in fried or cooked meat, sweet baked goods, and pasteurized or cooked cow milk.

Taking insulin isn't effective in curing diabetes. Insulin is a hormone produced by pancreas and it allows the body to assimilate natural organic sugars. The energy acquired that way is used in metabolic processes and for the nourishment and regeneration of pancreas itself. Our cells can use natural organic sugars found in large amounts in fruits and vegetables, but not manufactured sugars or starch found in fries, white-flour baked goods, or overcooked grains. These harmful products still have to be processed by our body. They first have to be broken down into simple sugars. Thermal processing destroys all active enzymes in those foods (the enzymes break down in temperatures above 130F (54C), so our body has to use more of its own resources. This way our pancreas becomes overworked because the demand for insulin is much higher than its normal output. On top of that, the products of such digestion are nonorganic atoms substances that can't be used for regenerating the pancreas, and this leads to diabetes. Insulin shots can be compared to loans we take when we spend money faster than we can earn it. Borrowing involves costs. In case of insulin shots, the price we pay is cardiovascular disorders, gallbladder stones, and kidney stones.

Most people with diabetes are overweight. This is because synthetic, industrially produced insulin promotes fat accumulation rather than its burning. Accumulated fats and toxins cause circulatory disorders. The blood becomes thick and acidic, which leads to heart disorders and calcium stones.

Diabetes is frequently the result of a strong psychological stress. It usually happens in people whose liver is weak or who suffer from large intestine disorders. Stress usually affects our liver, which is our body's "chemical laboratory." A malfunctioning liver causes disorders in other organs cooperating with it, the digestive system and pancreas. This can lead to ulceration of the stomach or duodenum or to diabetes. People with diabetes who don't get insulin shots have a better chance against the disease. Most of my patients, especially those who didn't take insulin, were completely cured.

We know that our digestive system, if fed natural non-processed food, can produce all hormones necessary for our body, including insulin. It means that we can get rid of diabetes by putting some effort into changing our diet.

What steps should we undertake?
First, exclude or minimize the amount thermally processed products containing concentrated starch and sugars, such as bread, peeled and boiled potatoes, refined sugar and products containing it (e.g. commercially available fruit juices), overcooked grains, cooked meat, pasteurized or cooked milk and its products (commercial yogurt, kefir, cheese, and butter). Eat   Read more page 139

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January, 17 
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