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The Art of Staying Young
Friday, 30 January 2009


There is now a new generation of artificial hormones that are believed to cause no side effects.  They can be put in our body; however, the practice shows that the new hormones are only able to slow down the aging process and in some cases they do not bring the expected results at all.  On the other hand, according to scientists, we use only 10% of our brain’s potential.  This means that we have a large reserve of mental abilities that can be put to work.

Memory is a wonderful gift of nature.  Our memories engage emotions and emotions in turn, especially the positive ones, put hormones (such as endorphins - the happiness hormones) to work and along with hormones they put cell receptors to work in our entire body.

This means that our positive thoughts and emotions act as the elixir of youth.  Regardless of our age, we can always use such thoughts and emotions to move back the arms of our biological clock.

To make good use of our memory, we can pick the memories of our youth, our first affection, and other most happy times of our life from its stores.  For a human being (especially female) there is no greater remedy against disease than love.

In the old days, a woman kept her wedding dress and took it out from time to time to admire or even to put it on.  It helps to regularly watch the photos from our youth and reunite with our school friends.  All these activities serve as the elixir of youth for our mind and body.  Constant orientation towards youth and health not only delays aging - it can even bring back our youth.

Ancient wisdom contains many adages about staying young and healthy.  I selected the most effective ones hoping that they can serve you well.  Use them to extend your youth, enjoy good health, and delay the old age as much as possible.  Here they are:

1. Love yourself the way you are.
2. Do not envy anybody.
3. If you do not like yourself, make changes in your life.
4. Anger, insults, and criticism of yourself and others are very harmful to your health.
5. If you make a decision, act on it.
6. Joyfully help the poor, ill, and elderly.
7. Never think about diseases, old age, or death.
8. Love is the best remedy against illness and aging.
9. Gluttony, greed, and inability to overcome your weaknesses are your enemies.
10. Worrying causes you to leave this world.
11. Fear and corruption are the worst sins.
12. The best day of your life is today.
13. The best town is where you feel fortunate.
14. The best occupation is the one you enjoy.
15. Losing hope is the worst mistake.
16. The greatest gift you can give or receive is love.
17. Health is your most valuable possession.

To live long and be healthy, we have to be more joyful in our daily life.  It is not a skill that anybody can teach us.  We have to learn it on our own.


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July, 23 
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